Debbie Pazik | 10/06/2011

Soo happy to see all the progress with your book and your own website!!!! All your hard work is paying off:)

The Gifted Ones

Nancy Milton | 10/06/2011

Lisa. The book is very well written. It has such a wonderful flow that I couldn't stop reading it. Enjoyed it immensely. I'm very proud of you.


Karen Pokras Toz | 10/05/2011

Congrats on your official website! It looks great!

You are somebody...

Rick Vaughn | 10/05/2011

You now have a website. Love you, and proud of all your hard work.

Website Sponsor

Reader Exchange | 10/05/2011

We at Reader Exchange are proud to have designed this website for such an original and well-defined author such as Lisa Vaughn. We are also happy to be the first to sign her guestbook. Best wishes for your success Lisa.

Re: Website Sponsor

Lisa Vaughn | 10/05/2011

Many thanks to Kevin at Reader Exchange for being such a great supporter and tremendous help to me as I navigate my way through this world of indie self-pubbers! It's people like him that give me hope when I need it, going above and beyond. May good karma reward you...I know it will! :)

Re: Re: Website Sponsor

Kevin@readerexchange | 10/11/2011

Lisa you have been a great client to work with and well deserving of great success with your work. Best regards.

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